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An infusion of (Artificial Intelligence + Advertising/Rewards/Monitoring) that learns, reasons and deploys itself to work better for your organization and brand

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    AI * (Advertising + REWARDS + MONITORING)

    Targeting Audiences has changed forever!


    The power of your marketing is now in your hands, and just got smarter.  Customers want rewards for themselves, and experiences to share.  Companies want their advertising budgets spent cost-effectively.   Everyone wants to know whats being mentioned about their organization or celebrity, who's saying it, and what people think positively or negatively about it all.  Our Mobile and Web AI products serve all these scenarios. 

    Reward your best customers Intelligently


    Our Mobile Vouchers get your customers or new recipients engaged and excited to share your brand or products, all for a reward they love.  

    Get intelligent analytics and insights of users as they interact and propagate your brand to thousands and millions of new potential customers, mobile-to-mobile.

    Monitor Everything on the Internet about you


    Track positive, negative or neutral mentions about your Brand and Products, your Competitors, or your Industry.

    Manage and respond to your Brand’s online reputation, get intelligent mention insights and take control of your growth and sales.

    Monitors: News websites, forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and everything else online!

    Featured products

    Aidverts TARGETZ


    Create, Design and Deploy 147 different types of interactive adverts in seconds, then watch our AI technology within your advert target the best customers based on your selection - or adjust the advert's targeting based on performance, interaction and conversions

    Aidverts REWARDZ


    Create and Manage Mobile Intelligent Vouchers for your physical stores, franchise chains, events - PUSH these Vouchers to mobile devices near or far, enabling recipients to PUSH YOUR BRAND FURTHER for a reward in-store or during your event day

    Aidverts MONITORZ


    Monitor ANY and ALL mentions of your company, brand, products or celebrity - on every social network, website, news outlet, blog - and every comment, like, dislike - on the entire Internet...within seconds of being published and in real-time!global 

    Brands using AiDVERTS



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